Script Tag Manual Installation Instructions

After installing the app from the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace, the app should start working immediately.

While the installation procedure should happen automatically, stores that use old themes (such as Blueprint themes) will have to manually add the script tag of the app to their store.

Follow these simple instructions in order to install the Custom Background Music app onto your store, or contact us ( if you want us to do it for you! : )

Before you start Go to the your store's admin dashboard and choose the Custom Background Music app. Look at the upper side of the dashboard and you'll see a yellow notice. Copy the script code that was given to you in the yellow notice.

  1. Access your BigCommerce admin

  2. Click on Storefront Design

  3. Click on My Themes

  4. Click on Edit HTML/CSS

  5. Click Other Template Files

  6. Access the file HTMLHead.html which is located under Panels

  7. Add the code you have copied after the last line of the file, just above </head> section

  8. You're done! :-)

If you want to uninstall the app, simply do the same steps as above but remove the code you have pasted.

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